Brazilian companies investing in Florida

17 Jul

A top Brazil-Florida Chamber of Commerce trade official appealed to Brazilian companies to invest in Florida taking advantage of the region’s know-how and impecable infractrusture.

“The purpose of our visit is to invite companies and entrepreneurs from Brazil to Florida,” said the head of BTCC’s International Task trade and investment agency Jefferson Michaelis.

“Now with more and more companies in Brazil facing challenges from competition in their domestic market and abroad, it is time for them to partner with Florida companies or tap our R&D (research and development) that would help them stay or become competitive.”

Pointing to US firms’ “tremendous interest” in investing in Brazil, Michaelis said “we believe Brazilian firms need to expand and invest in other markets and United States, despite the challenging situation, is one of the most important markets”.

Michaelis highlighted good opportunities for Brazilians to invest in renewable energy, agro-business, biochemical engineering, services and consumer goods. “Let’s take renewable energy: we have a very strong market in Florida, one of the largest for solar energy.

“There is still room for others to add new components.” He said American business was generally very bullish on resource-rich Brazil, now the world’s sixth largest economy.

“It’s the size of the economy, the growth and the fact that more and more companies are on the verge of international outreach,” he added. Michaelis’ team, which was hosted by many Brazilian sister organizations, attended a seminar to promote Brazil-Florida’s business opportunities.

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